1 - 10 - 1

This is a session that is both cruel and kind, one of those workouts that leave you exhausted but rewarded. Starting with one rep of each exercise, the load is light but the rest is short. As the reps increase with each round, you’ll find that you get more rest while your partner works, but the time spent on each exercise will take longer.

Start going through the round doing one rep of each exercise, then your partner will have a turn. Next, progress through the round with two reps of each exercise, and rest while your partner does the same. Each time you start a round, increase the reps by one until you reach ten reps of each exercise. Then work your way back down from ten reps to one.

Going through this workout should take you and your partner just under one hour to complete. Try to get it done as quick as possible, without compromising on form and technique. Good luck and let us know your time!

1 - 10 - 1

Deadlifts [ >80kg for the gents | >50kg for the ladies ]
Man Makers [ Keep the weights between 8-12kgs ]
10 cals Assault Bike [ Fast! ]

1 rep –-> 10 reps --> 1 rep
Rest while your partner works

TIP: Work in a partner or alongside another group of two. If there are any more than two in a group and you’ll get too much rest to make this session a challenge.

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