Saturday Slaughter

An EMOM is a special kind of beast and one of the best love/hate relationships you will ever have. EMOM stands for "Each Minute On the Minute". You have one minute to complete each set of exercises, before moving on to the next. Sounds great doesn't it? You can go hard and fast and lap up loads of rest, or cruise through, focusing on form but trading off some valuable rest time. This is exactly what an EMOM wants you to think! Once you breeze through two rounds, that's when the pain starts. Try this killer, created by 98 Riley St mastermind Chris Feather, for an intro into the world of pain that is the EMOM workout.


6 x Burpee Box Jumps
15 cals Ski Erg
6 x Burpee Chin Ups
15 cals Assault Bike


TIP: Avoid making plans for an hour after this work. You will be a sweaty mess, wiped out, and most likely not want to see people anyway!

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