What Break?

This year I got everything I asked Santa for; the perfect workout clique. Making the most of the empty gym, and getting a head start on all of the New Year Resolutioners, Keri and I created a session to shake up the crew post Christmas. Enjoy this solid Met Con session and have a shake ready at the end!

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Raise the Roof

This has to be up there with one of my favourite sessions lately; a great upper body workout with minimal legs ;). Weight up the exercises so that you’re completing the reps within 30-40 secs, allowing for enough rest to make it but to keep you sweating.

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1 - 10 - 1

This is a session that is both cruel and kind, one of those workouts that leave you exhausted but rewarded. Starting with one rep of each exercise, the load is light but the rest is short.

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FULL BODYScott Henderson
Saturday Slaughter

An EMOM is a special kind of beast and one of the best love/hate relationships you will ever have. EMOM stands for "Each Minute On the Minute". You have one minute to complete each set of exercises, before moving on to the next. Sounds great doesn't it?

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FULL BODYScott HendersonEMOM
Dirty Thirty

You're itching for a workout. You want a challenge and feel the rising urge for either a brutal 300 workout or an epic 500 workout..... but it's leg day, so naturally the 300 is the winner. You have limited equipment. Time to get creative.

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LEGSScott Henderson300