Born To Run by Christopher McDougall is the best book I have ever read. That may be a huge call, but it's not over selling it at all.

The book follows Chris as he investigates The Tarahumara people of Mexico. If you're like me, you've probably never heard of these people or culture, but after reading Born to Run you will want to book a ticket to Mexico and live their lives. They live in the North West of the country, in the rugged Barrancas mountain range, living completely off the land. Oh, and they can run really well. REALLY really well. With no money in their society, they settle bets, arguments and socialise over epic runs through some of the steepest and roughest terrain known to man. They often take off and run for days on end, without modern food, medicine, or even Fitbits!

Born To Run investigates what makes the Tarahumara so great at running, how we can apply it to training, and why humans are actually meant to run. McDougall does such a good job at telling his story and presenting his research, that you will be constantly torn between wanting to keep reading and going out for a run.


Scott Henderson