Women of Treign are ringing in the new era of fitness idols; women. They're incredibly fit, strong in mind and body, they lift and they're really reshaping the approach to women's fitness, and fitness for everyone. Let's get one thing straight. When we say they lift....... they really lift. They sweat, they grunt, and they out lift most of the lads. When they post their workout shots to Instagram, you wouldn't realise how hard they push themselves, because they look incredibly feminine, 100% non-bulky, but most of all, they look happy and content.  And that's exactly the point.

The new wave of experts are removing the focus on aesthetics for women, and placing emphasis on the physical and mental benefits of training, and they couldn't be more spot on. Strength training programs improve self-concept in women by a whopping 35% when rating themselves according to physical, mental and emotional attributes (The Journal of Clinical Psychology...... yep, scientists!).

Melanie Corlett, Founder and Head Trainer of women's strength training facility Women of Treign, explains how this approach works. "It's a community of support and education for women," she says. "I'm promoting a no diets, no deprivation, no excessive cardio or calorie restriction approach. The [women's strength training] model has been extremely effective by highlighting areas and methods of training that women have typically been excluded from."

Mel and her "Treigners" address the biggest hurdle standing between women and hard core training; education (St John Fisher College 2013). Through continually promoting empowerment, inspiration, and self-confidence, Mel is challenging the traditional motives for training to create a far more sustainable approach to fitness.

Keep your eye out for the authentic, bass ass women leading the charge and get following these leading ladies:
Mel Corlett 
Victoria Burdon
Alexa Towersey