SPORT. health. fitness. photography.

/skö hen.dō/ [noun]
creative director, marketing & pr, brand content, beach lover, fitness addict 👱🏼🌴🌊💪🏽☀️

Scott Henderson has always been in pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle by combining passion and career. Scott, alongside his business partner Keri Kitay, has worked in the sport, health and fitness industries in Australia, USA, Spain, and the UK, with a focus on branding, PR, marketing and content production.

Now as a creative director, marketing director and lifestyle photographer, Scott and the crew are able to share their passion for the industry with the wider international community through education, brand & creative content direction, events, and photography.

A healthy lifestyle means so many things to so many people, and that is the beauty of the health and sporting industries. Constant change, evolution, momentum and inspiration from all corners of the world all add to the meaning of the philosophy. We're huge believers that life and health should not be mutually exclusive. A healthy lifestyle isn't an hour of segregated exercise or the occasional green smoothie, but a life lead respecting your mind and body.  

Through fitness based creative direction, content production, brand strategy, & events, it's our collective goal to work with like minded people and brands to keep pumping out shots and footage that motivate you to live healthy, well, and at to stay the top of your game in all areas of life.

As a Team we started where our passion, values and roots lie….. in sports marketing, experiential PR and events, and content production. We boast an exceptionally strong network of industry connections and relationships that we leverage to help bring your brand and campaign to life. To date, we have delivered creative campaigns in Australiasia, Europe and North America for sporting brands, service providers, luxury and FMCG brands, and individuals, and we continue to seek out the next challenge.

Today’s consumers are intuitive, accessible by many mediums, living in the moment and sharing their experiences with their networks. Scotts strengths are capturing and enticing these consumers on mass, and aligning relevance, demand and desire. Scott and the crew excel in creating imaginative, unforgettable, attention grabbing campaigns based around thorough market research to make sure your message cuts through the noise. We want to continually expand and explore healthy human conditioning on a personalised and sustainable level through our businesses and their outlets, whether that be photography, content production, great workout gear or training.